Rikki Hewitt is an Artist & Illustrator based in Bristol, UK.


Amidst documenting and exploring topography through his paintings and drawings he also takes great interest in philosophy and sociology. Graphic icons and motifs taken from shapes found in our natural and urbanised environments are integral to his image making.

Shapes and patterns feature heavily in Rikki’s work. Brick walls, waves, flowers, rock formations, industrial equipment and religious iconography amongst other themes reoccur in different contexts throughout. His visual language swings between abstraction and graphic compositions and often pattern-rich aesthetics synonymous with European Folk Art.

As a keen sketchbook-keeper his work tends to manifest from travel sketches and inconsequential drawings into collages and digital manipulations of pen and brush work. His process relies on building pictures organically. Developing shapes and motifs on paper or acetate allows imagery to be overlapped, overdrawn, scratched, erased or cut out. Themes and arcing ideas present themselves through the arranging and composing of these fragments.

His work has been featured in exhibitions in both London and Bristol. He has been the finalist in international illustration competitions, has been featured in digital arts magazines and has had his work featured on a limited edition record sleeve for Primal Scream. He is also affiliated with Bristol based store The DIY Supermarket and London based online creative platform DROOL.

Accolades / Affiliates

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More prints can be found in-store and online at Bristol based creative platform
The DIY Supermarket


Selected for Secret 7" Record Sleeve Exhibition 2018

Finalist of the 2012 AOI / Serco Illustration Prize

Featured in Digital Arts Magazine

Olive Clothing
Jaya (music)


2018 DIY Supermarket Pop Up

2018 Secret 7's Exhibtion, London

2017 West Side Gallery, Bristol

2012 AOI / Serco Illustration Prize, London Transport Museum

2012 D&AD New Blood, London

2012 Identity, Ambika P3, London

2011 Chicken or Man, Brick Lane Gallery, London

2010 Cuts, Studio 54, London